All our staff is carefully selected on the basis of experience and professional knowledge in their field of expertise. We have a vigorous training and monitoring system that continuously evaluates work in progress, thereby ensuring consistency of quality in the final product.

Project Procedure:

Our whole quality assurance process can be briefly described as follows:

Input from clients>Project Analysis >Translator Selection>Translation> Editing >Proofreading>Quality Analysis and Final product.

A thorough knowledge of the Chinese language and that native feel for just the right words are the result of more than seven years of experience in all matters of translation. We have developed expertise in arriving at just the right style for our various files.

For manuals and guides the translation should be simple, clear and easy to understand and follow.

Advertisements and marketing copy should be catchy and attractive.

Technical or Medical material should be professional and accurate.

For voice over and DTP services we use talents with extensive practice and outstanding skills. In fact, most of our voice overs are done by experienced VO talents , while our DTP personnel have at least five years of experience with various tools in different languages.

It is these kinds of resources that have won us the trust of our clients.